We are delighted to announce that Coy H. Squyres will be our Fall Education Conference Keynote Speaker on Monday, September 21, to be held in Houston, Texas.

Coy Squyres has been a pioneer in the exploration and development of petroleum resources in Africa, and has led successful exploration efforts resulting in the discovery of giant oil fields in Egypt, Libya, Equatorial Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire.

Here’s an excerpt from Coy’s bio:  Armed with a Petroleum Geology degree from the University of Oklahoma, in 1954 Squyres left for Tripoli to play an important role in the discovery of Libya’s enormous oil reserves. It was during these years that Squyres began to observe and catalogue some of the first modern records of African Geology. Although his study will never be complete, in 2007 Squyres submitted for print the most comprehensive mapping of African geology to date. Discovery of the giant oil fields in Egypt, Libya, Equatorial Guinea and Côte d’Ivoire serve as evidence of the practical side of his knowledge and work.

While only thirty-three years old, Squyres was chosen to head Libyan exploration for Oasis Oil, a joint venture with Amerada Hess, Conoco, and Marathon Oil. Squyres today is still recognized for leading the discovery of over 28 billion barrels of oil which produced an unparalleled, one million barrels of oil per day. In Libya, Squyres served as the liaison with the Libyan government.

Recognizing Squyres penchant for finding oil while managing people, still in his 40’s, Squyres was appointed President of Conoco/Middle East and President of Conoco/Egypt and subsequently relocated to Cairo. During that period, Squyres and his team located a one trillion cubic foot natural gas, 1.2 billion barrel oil reserve.


Please consider signing up for 5 great high-value, economical days of  high quality courses you can mix and match!

Check out our courses; explore the content.  Visit the site. http://www.aapg.org/education/fec/index.cfm Invest in yourself and succeed!

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Risk Analysis and Decision-Making in E&P:

This is an informative, intensive, entertaining and exercise-packed two day course that will guide participants through the entire spectrum of exploration and development, from making play entry decisions and optimal placement of appraisal wells through deciding when to acquire additional seismic data, take conventional cores, conduct well tests, and/or implement early production systems. There are no prerequisites for this course, and mathematics presented is straightforward. This is an excellent opportunity to attend a course seen as fundamental training in understanding the methods and practices of evaluating oil and gas producing properties.In addition, a focus on unconventionals:

-An introduction to risk management in unconventional plays, with shale gas examples
-A section on value-of-information assessment with a shale gas example and a shale gas exercise

The Energy Industry from the Investor’s Perspective: How will the new policies affect investment strategies?

This course is designed to provide an overview of investors’ perceptions of the current energy markets and their view of the political landscape and energy policy initiatives of the new administration. It will also address the effects of the global credit crisis on energy companies and their immediate responses as well as their longer-term perspectives.

Petroleum Resources and Reserves :  Reserves and resources are major factors in the valuation of energy companies. From evaluating fields for purchase to determining whether or not to participate in a certain prospect, from estimating the resources and reserves for a new discovery to determining the proved reserves for a company, the bottom line is how much oil or gas can ultimately be recovered and what can be placed on the books and produced with an acceptable return on investment. An Overview of Recommended Geological Practices, with an examination of the challenges of shale plays and unconventionals

Exploration and Success from Pore Pressure Assumptions:   How pore pressure prediction is applied to unconventionals as well as deep water plays.

Farm-ins and Farm-outs for Explorationists:  International as well as U.S.-based unconventionals, including coalbed methane.

Managing Gas Decisions from Exploration to Global LNG:  This highly interactive course integrates the full range of activities associated with the assessment, development, facility and plant criteria, and contract implications. From subsurface resource and production assessment, to facility throughput and marketing considerations, the LNG value chain affords many opportunities for effective decision making. Participants will learn best-practice methods for making good decisions given risk and uncertainty and, because of the varied and practical exercises throughout the course, be able to immediately apply what they have learned to their projects. Also — looking at risk and uncertainty management in unconventionals.

Knowledge Transfer in the Multigenerational Workplace:   How do you work with new technologies to make sure that your operations run smoothly and everyone’s in the loop?  How can you avoid information overload? Managing and obtaining information in quickly emerging fields (shale gas, carbon capture and sequestration, unconventionals).  Sources of information, and technologies for disseminating them effectively, with on-site training and knowledge transfer.  Principles as well as tactics / application.  We will also discuss packaging and effective knowledge transfer tactics for contract work, consulting, and organization-building.  Special focus on resumes and networking in today’s social networking environment.  Job hunting in the distributed workplace: How to find employment from the comfort of your computer.

Keys to Complex Well Economic Success: How are new technologies improving economics in shale gas plays, even in times of low gas prices?  Find out where new strides are being made.  Challenges, opportunities, and key economic factors in horizontal wells in shale plays and unconventionals.

Thinking On Your Feet: Behind this title is a robust two-day course that helps you make persuasive presentations and to achieve your objectives.   Do you need to “sell” your team on an idea, or make a presentation to management? Are you presenting a deal to a prospective partner or buyer?  Close the deal with your new skill set.

Creativity in Exploration: Unconventional E&P requires unconventional thinking.  There are scientifically developed techniques for creative problem-solving, and for thinking of complex systems in new ways.  Creativity in exploration also applies to working with multi-component systems; for example, your team members bring unique skills and perspectives to bear. How can you combine them for a powerful, and possibly unexpected, solution?

For the attendees of this year’s Fall Education Conference, we’re adding something special!   Luncheon presentations on topics related to The Business of Unconventionals will be featured.

“Using Seismic Data to Improve Profitability in Unconventionals” by David Paddock (Schlumberger)

We’ll have speakers who are active practitioners, and they will address shale gas, shale oil, coalbed methane, or tar sands.   You’ll have a chance to listen to the speaker, ask questions, and then obtain a copy of their presentation.


Registration for the entire week is $1,595 for member, $1,695 for non-members.  Goes up to $1695/1795 after 8/24/09.  Courses can be taken individually for $400/day until August 24, after which they will cost $450/day.  (So, for example, a 2-day course will cost $800, then go up to $900 after August 24.)  Course notes and daily refreshments and buffet lunch are included!

Onsite AAPG Bookstore: We’ll have books on unconventionals, risk, and the business of exploration and production.

Virtual Networking:  We’ll have information about AAPG’s networking services and sites.

Coy H. Squyres

Coy H. Squyres

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