Chances are, if you’re a fan of Renaissance music, you’re familiar with the lively, yet complex galliard. It is a dance with numerous steps — in order to keep from tripping over oneself, it was necessary to learn the steps and — above all — to practice.

The Business of E&P is equally complicated.  Our business environment has changed.  The steps to the dance have undergone transitions.  The music has changed.  What do we do?  The clear answer is: learn, study, practice :)

How do you learn the new dance?  Please attend the AAPG Fall Education Conference.  The timing of the conference couldn’t be better.  It’s an excellent time to take a multi-pronged approach to running your business in uncertain times.  What are the key things you should be looking at?  What does every geoscientist need to know about how to survive volatile times?  Come to Houston in September (Sept 21 – 25), and choose from a suite of courses.  Download the flyer:

First, of course, are the financial aspects of the business.  This means you should know all you can about reserves, strategic planning, and forecasting.

Second, you need to know how to find reserves economically, and to make presentations to partners.  Ted Beaumont and Doug Strickland’s course, Creativity in Exploration, will make you rethink your approach:

The purpose of the workshop is to enable participants to begin developing a conceptual understanding of successful exploration, and from that understanding develop their own philosophy of oil and gas finding. The workshop illustrates the application of modern creativity theory to petroleum exploration using numerous case histories and exercises.

You also need to know the nature of the workplace and human resources.  Knowledge Transfer in the Multi-Generational Workplace will help you assemble dynamic, useful teams.

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