Mexico has passed legislation to allow foreign and domestic investment in the oil and natural gas sector, and the implications and opportunities will be discussed by Alfredo Guzman. Entitled “Mexico’s Energy Reform: Where It Will Impact First – Deepwater and Unconventionals,” Guzman’s presentation will pinpoint where the first opportunities will occur, and how international investors can get involved. The Playmaker Forum will take place January 23 in Houston.

Guzman’s presentation will be accompanied by a view from the U.S. and Canada, where John Hogg will lead a presentation and discussion of how the Mexico reform’s impact is far-reaching and can provide new opportunity for Canadian companies as well as U.S., thanks to NAFTA and other trade agreements.

The Playmaker Forum will make important and useful materials available to help individuals and companies desiring to benefit from the Mexico Energy Reform.

The Mexico Energy Reform represents a sea-change for Mexico, and the first time the oil and gas industry has been open to outside investment since 1938, when the oil industry was nationalized by President Lazaro Cardenas.

To view a full program and to register, visit the website


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