Search underway to hire a GEO-DC Director

AAPG Geoscience Energy Office (GEO-DC)

The American Association of Petroleum Geologists is seeking a director of its Geoscience and Energy Office in Washington, D.C. area (GEO-DC).

Applicants must have industry experience; a geoscience degree is preferred along with a strong familiarity with the geoscience community through active society participation. In addition, demonstrated outstanding written, verbal, and management skills are required.

The GEO-DC office is the focus for AAPG’s government affairs program, working actively with AAPG members, sister societies, Congress, and federal and international agencies to bring good science into the decision-making process of public policy.

The GEO-DC Director will monitor and analyze legislation and policy developments affecting the geosciences, and work with AAPG committees to develop congressional testimony and policy positions on national and international geoscience and energy issues. In addition, this position is responsible for key components of AAPG’s development program to actively grow government and industry interest in geoscience and energy research for the benefit of AAPG members and the general public.

The office is located at the American Geosciences Institute in Alexandria, Virginia.

Candidates should submit a resume and the names of three references with cover letter to GEO-DC Director Search, P.O. Box 979, Tulsa, OK 74101-0979, or by e-mail to

For more information on the program, see

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