Robert Bryce, author of Gushers of Lies and Power Hungry, took aim at the New York Times articles published earlier this month on the natural gas industry, and specifically shale gas.

In Friday’s National Review, Bryce wrote an article titled Shale and its Discontents claiming that “[T]he shale-gas (and shale-oil) revolution is the single most important development in the North American energy sector since the discovery of the East Texas Field in 1930.”

Thanks to the development and deployment of technology that enables producers to harness the resource potential of shale, for both natural gas and oil, North America’s energy portfolio is in transition.

“Imagine that,” Bryce writes.  “The U.S., a region that has been left for dead when it comes to oil production — and was slated to become a major importer of natural gas — is instead poised for a comeback that promises huge supplies of relatively cheap hydrocarbons for years to come.”

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