Azerbaijan International Conference Call for Abstracts

Don’t forgot to submit your abstract for the Azerbaijan International Conference . The Abstract Deadline is Saturday, 30th June 2012.  The conference slogan is Integrated Approach for Unlocking Hydrocarbon Resources, and the technical problem will cover the following topics:

  • Exploration works in the Caspian and Black Seas region. State and perspectives.
  • Regional geology, tectonics and neotectonics.
  • Hydrocarbon systems of the Caspian and Black seas region. Problems of the genesis, migration and the accumulation of hydrocarbons.
  • Paleogeography, sedimentology and reservoir architecture from seismic, outcrops and modelling.
  • Environmental problems related to the oil and gas fields exploration and development
  • Exploration in mature areas: – Challenge ‘known truths’, alternative trap models, seal failure, migration, reservoir filling history, causes and timing of pressure regression, etc.
  • Extensive to Frontier exploration (transition zone, fold belt, deeply Buried Reservoirs, deep water, deep offshore).
  • Integration of geology and geophysics for an improved interpretation.
  • Challenges of the shallow sedimentary section (velocity model, shallow hazards, mud volcanoes).
  • Integration toward appraisal, development and production phases.
  • New technical and technological geophysical methods.
  • The seismic theory and the modeling.
  • Geodynamics and Seismology.
  • AVO and AVA analyses.
  • Challenge and Solution for Eocene-Miocene and Mesozoic oil. 

Please send your thesis to us by email.

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