Have you ever painstakingly put together a long line of dominoes, flicked the first tile and had the satisfaction of watching them all topple over in succession? I think every kid did this — even knowing that the reward would be so brief in comparison to the preparation.

Pulling off a successful conference is a similar experience — 18 or more months of planning and preparation for a few exciting days of the final event.

It takes an incredible amount of cooperation among staff, committee members, volunteers, vendors and more to pull off an event like ACE or ICE. But when the details come together, the result is incredible.

Now, a month after our successful 2010 International Conference & Exhibition in Calgary, we are in full swing planning for the 2011 ICE to be held in Milan, 23-26 October. Make sure your dominoes are in our row — submit your abstract online by 20 January 2011.

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