While shopping for antiques over the weekend I chuckled at a sign that read, “The best time to buy antiques is when you see them.” The point being that antiques are in limited supply and what you like may not be available if you wait too long.

The same might be said when registering for activities at the AAPG 2012 Annual Convention & Exhibition.  Although there’s always room for convention attendees, activities such as short courses, field trips, luncheons and the Switch film viewing have a limited number of seats that can be sold. Don’t let that field trip you’ve been dreaming about since you received a copy of the Announcement be the one that got away. Register now and secure your seat.

To date, 9 field trips have sold out and several other field trips and short courses are close to filling up. To help us better anticipate the number of attendees and avoid premature cancellation of field trips and short courses, please register before 14 March 2012. But really, why wait that long? If you register by 28 February you’ll pay the best price for your member type and have a better chance of getting into the activities you want.

See you in Long Beach!

p.s.  Did you know guests are welcome to enroll in Field Trips? The following may be of special interest to non-geologists:

  • Field Trip 2 − Oil Seeps and Geology of the Santa Barbara Channel
  • Field Trips 11 − OXY Long Beach (THUMS) Island Tour, Long Beach Harbor, California
  • Field Trip 16A − Remote Field Work; Mars, via JPL
  • Field Trip 16B − Visit to SpaceX
  • Field Trip 19 − Sedimentary Geology of a Mid-Plate Volcanic Mountain-Island Chain: The Islands of Hawaii and Kauai

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